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Our chiropractors, therapists, and movement specialists work with you to create a plan that meets your specific recovery needs and performance goals.


Dr. Landan Webster

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Dr. Landan Webster is the founder and lead Doctor  of Kinetic Chain. He became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2008 when he graduated from Parker University. He has trained a remarkable team of professionals and has personally worked to become a specialist at fixing dysfunction.

Landan believes that when the body is injured, there is always a reason “why” and a pathway back to health and wellness. He uses many different modalities to correct the injury or dysfunction quickly.

Landan specializes in diagnosing and healing issues others have failed to resolve. His motivation to heal comes from his years as a collegiate athlete and healing a personal injury that no one else knew how to diagnose or fix.

Landan’s relentless pursuit to get to the core of a dysfunction is part of what makes him unique. He’s disappointed that people give up on finding solutions. That frustration is a huge gain for his patients who need help with their symptoms. This ability has resulted in a number of growing relationships with personal trainers, physical therapists, orthopedic doctors and functional medicine practitioners in the Dallas area.

Landan has treated athletes on every level. He believes everyone deserves the highest level of care, whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, youth, or grandparent.


Dr. Austin Albison

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Dr. Austin Albison graduated from Parker University becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.
Before attending Parker University, he attended Cal-Poly SLO, earning his bachelor’s in Kinesiology Exercise Science with a heavy focus in Biomechanics. With his constant longing to understand “perfect” human movement, he has spent a great deal of his time learning many different techniques to identify and correct pain and dysfunction as fast as
Dr. Austin played Division 1-AA football at Cal-Poly SLO, where he battled through his own series of injuries. During that time, he learned the importance of building a solid foundation of movements that he now uses to run the Recovery and Performance Memberships.
He has experience working with athletes across all levels (Olympic, Paralympic, Crossfit Games, NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NCAA, High School, and youth sports) and loves the opportunity to help someone who is passionately working towards a goal.
Dr. Austin Albison has gone on to receive additional certifications ACL Pre-habilitation,
OPEX Coaches Certificate Program, Dry Needling, Torque Release Technique, and


Dr. Christopher Babb

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Dr. Babb graduated from Parker University in 2008 and has been treating
musculoskeletal injuries for a decade. He treated and rehabbed traumatic injuries as the head doctor for a prominent injury-based clinic for eight years. He is well versed in physiotherapy protocols and has
extensive knowledge in both pre-and post-surgical rehab.
He has treated athletes of all levels (Olympic, NFL, MLL, NCAA, PGA, NBA…) and has worked hand in hand with the SMU Athletics department as one of their approved
providers since 2017.
Dr. Babb takes a systematic approach to differentiate and identify problems at their
source. The wealth of experience and knowledge he has accumulated in treating athletes and injuries he now applies to all patients who walk through his door. Ultimately, we all want to feel better and move better. He believes that dysfunction, once diagnosed, is treated through muscle work, functional chiropractic, and movement techniques to optimize recovery and prevent future injury.


Dr. Anissa Richardson

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Dr. Anissa Richardson is a prenatal and pediatrics sports chiropractor specializing in muscle testing, trigger point dry needling, and Active Release Technique. She loves working with female athletes who are becoming moms for the first or maybe even the fourth time. Anissa finds it incredible to watch a woman’s body go through so much change and so rewarding to help with all the aches and pains that can come along with that transition.

Anissa also enjoys working with youth athletes who learn how to lift weights properly and perform their sport injury-free! She grew up playing softball, volleyball, dancing, and swimming competitively, then began pursuing her specialized degrees in Chiropractic, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Graston Technique, Webster Technique, and Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. She is also a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, BIRTHFIT Coach, and BIRTHFIT Professional.


Dr. Spencer Bruce

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Dr. Spencer Bruce is a Parker University graduate where he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Spencer graduated from The University of Wyoming with a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion.
Before earning his Doctorate in Chiropractic, Spencer competed at the University of Wyoming in football and continued to play professionally in Europe. Throughout his time spent in sport, he accumulated several injuries that lead him to continue his education.
Dr. Spencer has combined his biomechanics and experience with movement to deliver research and evidence-based treatment through dynamic and highly effective methods.
Spencer’s mission is to help patients overcome injury and chronic pain and optimize the function and performance of the human body.

Manual/Massage Therapist/LMT

Bobby Craig

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LMT, Bobby Craig, was introduced to his wellness and fitness career as a professional athlete on the Army track and boxing teams.

After college, Bobby played in the Arena Football League and was later injured, which led him to pursue sports rehabilitation studies.

In 2003, he obtained his license in Manual Massage Therapy with a focus on Sports Massage. He has spent the last 17 years developing and perfecting effective Manual Therapy techniques in addition to being a Personal Trainer.

As a Manual Therapist, his mission is to serve and motivate clients towards achieving their goals by reducing pain and stress or elevating athletic performance while enhancing overall wellness and the improved quality of life!

Chiropractic Assistant

Marshall Nichol

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Marshall has been our Movement Specialist since 2018.
As a Movement Specialist, he strategizes and implements rehabilitation based on the core to extremity movement principles, with the goal of turning “patients” into athletes.
Mainly working with the RPM by KinetikChain population, Marshall has a passion for creating lasting relationships with his clients and rejoices in their many successes.


Dr. Kyle Thompson

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Dr. Kyle Thompson graduated from Parker University in December 2020 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and Masters in Neuroscience. Before attending Parker University, he attended Texas Tech University where he earned degrees in Exercise Science, Kinesiology and Psychology.

– In college Dr. Kyle competed as an NCAA Polevaulter for the Track & Field team, earning All-American Status. So naturally, Kyle enjoys working with all types of people alongside athletes from all types of sports and disciples (Jiu-Jitsu, Golf, Track & Field, Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, etc). However, Dr. Kyle enjoys working with all kinds of people to help them reach their goals.

– His treatment philosophy utilizes an evidence informed approach to understanding functional movement, manual care, and rehabilitation to optimize movement and performance.

– Kyle is trained in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT), Neurodynamics (NDS), TMJ Dysfunction, Dry Needling, Active Release Therapy (ART), and Functional Assessment/Rehabilitation. He is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS), and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-CEP).


Dr. Jacob Cocke

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Dr. Jacob Cocke was born and raised in Dallas. He graduated from Parker University where he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic as well as his Masters in Strength and Human Performance. Before his time at Parker, he attended Texas A&M University where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.
Jacob specializes in Active Release Therapy, trigger point dry needling, and exercise rehabilitation along with chiropractic techniques and adjustments when necessary. He combines these therapies with evidence-based clinical care and a love for serving others to provide the best experience possible for his patients.

Jacob grew up playing sports and enjoys helping athletes at every level maximize their performance goals and getting them back to playing the game they love. He aims to provide an environment that promotes healing and education on self-sustainability so that people can live their best lives without fear of their body failing them.


Dr. Regan Murry

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Dr. Regan Murry graduated from Parker University with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. During undergraduate school he attended ULM where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.

Regan has spent the last decade embedded in training such as Functional fitness, endurance training and bodybuilding. During this time, he has accumulated many injuries along the way which led him to understanding the body as one interconnected system and not just thinking of the body as regions.

Dr. Regan has combined his experiences and understanding of anatomy along with evidence-based treatment such as ART, Dry Needling, and movement to give patients the best treatment possible. He believes every patient is different and it’s about using the right tool for each patient to get the best results possible.

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